Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Finally! A CD review!

The Black Keys - Rubber Factory

When I was a kid, I fell in love with the blues. Blame it on Stevie Ray Vaughan and his Live at the El Mocambo, but I used him as a springboard into every ancient bluesman ever. I bought the complete Robert Johnson set, worshiped Lightnin' Hopkins, learned a bunch of Albert King riffs, and ventured to Austin to catch B.B. King and Buddy Guy because I was convinced they'd die by now.

Then I fell in love with punk, like all suburban white kids. No need to go into that. But as a budding songwriter, I wanted to combine my two loves, blues and punk. But I didn't know anyone else who was down with that in San Antonio, TX. So I gave up my dream of a punk/blues band and got into indie music and became a much more competent musician. I forgot about my former dream.

Then I heard the Black Keys. These guys are the band I had always wanted to be. And maybe that will cloud my judgement of this disc, but if flat out rocks. A good dose of blues mixed in with a punk attitude and delivery.

The first single, 10 Am Automatic, is amazing. It's one of those 50 plays a day songs on my iTunes player. Brilliant. Grand. I love this cd...go buy it now.

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