Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Praise Elohim...

My dog finally heeded nature's call today and relieved herself. After a week. I didn't know this was possible, but she did held it. She wouldn't go on our lawn, so I took her across the street, and bang, we're golden. Good girl.

Speaking of the God of Job,

Why, oh ominscient being, do all insects in Maury Co. decide that they need to die on top of the boxes in the Spontex warehouse? And, along with this, why are these said boxes prone to falling on me? I need an answer, seriously. Give me a sign. Like those things you give Mexican Catholics, you know, the leaky faucet that looks like Mary. Funny how no one else gets those, like the Orthodox Greeks. Or the Amish. Poor Amish.
Anyways, peace out homes.


Ok, I need a new city to focus my attention on. Any suggestions? I've already started planning my San Antonio masterwork, so that's already taken care of. Working Title: San Ant



Shandus said...

Yesterday at work a guy bought two Spontex sponges. I told him about you.

[kibbe] said...

You could do something on Orlando... that could be interesting.