Saturday, August 06, 2005

Moment of Enlightenment...

Ok, there's this Antonio Banderas movie that I love called "The 13th Warrior" and basically he's this Arab guy who goes and fights with Vikings. It's awesome. But besides that, there's a scene near the beginning where he's sitting with the Vikings at night, and he can't understand their language. But he starts concentrating and abosorbing everything they do, and suddenly he understands them.

That happened to me yesterday at work.

I had to go around on top of a forklift driven by Buck "Whatthehelldidhesay" Bolton, a man who I have not understood a word out of his mouth the entire summer. After 15min of closely listening to Buck, I started to understand him. It was amazing. Our partnership proved fruitful, and I counted boxes upon boxes with joy.

End of story.


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