Sunday, February 06, 2005

Best conversation of the night...

GoTgUsTeR07: i cant find em
ericdomk: lol
ericdomk: he must have the smallest package ever then
GoTgUsTeR07: yah the vet was like where did u get him and i told him
GoTgUsTeR07: and he was like
GoTgUsTeR07: well i cant find his balls
GoTgUsTeR07: and i was like WHAT
GoTgUsTeR07: and he was like o there they are..must be cold in here huh boomer
ericdomk: poor guy...he probably couldn't get the job done anyways
ericdomk: lol...this is by far the best conversation I've had today and it's all about your dog's small junk

Poor Boomer. All that humping my leg for nothing.


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