Sunday, April 18, 2004


Because I always get outbid at the last second. It's not like I'm not willing to pay the money, just some creep who waits until it says 2 seconds left always beats me. There should be some rule that says that you have to bid at least once in the hour before the auction ends to have a shot in the last second. I have never won anything on Ebay...ever. It is really frusterating. I see all these happy people winning crap from ebay on commercials, how come my experience doesn't drive me to sing show tunes? Is everyone so goshdarn happy with this system but me? Today, I found this great vintage Van Halen t-shirt. NO ONE BIDS ON IT BUT ME IN THE 6 DAYS PRIOR TO THE AUCTION ENDING. One min left and I'm the only bidder. 30 seconds left I'm the only bidder. 20 seconds left some jerk ups it by 50 cents. I rush to up it, only to have to sign in (damn you security features) I manage to get my bid in. I think I've won. NOOOOOOOOO. some dude, never bid before, ups it and wins. I DESPISE YOU, s_beck1. I hope the shirt shrinks in the wash and the iron on transfer peels off...all things that would not happen had I won this auction. This same thing happened to me when I tried to buy an Epi Mandolin during x-mas break. price stays steady for 6 days...last minute the thing's price goes up $150, after only increasing $50 in the previous 6 days. WHY???? Currently I'm in the bidding for a gold lame smoking jacket ($5), 1950's bowling shirt ($1) and a 1950's leather jacket ($1). I have no doubt I'll get screwed over yet again at the last minute. But I'll keep trying until I win at least one thing. Seriously, why would anyone want a men's small bowling shirt be me, and me alone? I think I'll be the jerk and wait until 2 seconds left to bid... I'll do it Ebay. Which means being a douche and ruining the dreams of a young college student who's only goal in life was to buy a vintage Van Halen shirt. Because I spent all day reading Dante's "Inferno" I know there is a special circle in hell for people like that, and it's called "YOUR SHIRT IS GOING TO SHRINK AND YOU'LL BE TOO FAT TO WEAR IT YOU JERK."

Thank you.


I think just to taunt me, EBay sends me an outbid notice this morning. LIKE I DIDN'T KNOW THAT ALREADY. This isn't over, Ebay, it's not even close to over.

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