Monday, April 19, 2004

Here is an hour by hour account of my first experience winning an eBay auction...

2 pm: I see that a vintage ZZ Top t-shirt is for sale for $20. Being an absolute ZZ Top freak, even to the point of suggesting that we play "Just Got Paid" at a church retreat, I feel the shirt is well worth the $20.

3pm: Check the shirt again. No one has bid yet. I am excited.

3:05pm: I realize that the shirt is probably too expensive for the average bid-stealing jerk. I am feeling better about the auction.

3:30pm: I try to sign up for a free service of Auctionsniper that Jessi told me about. Keeps telling me that my account doesn't exist. I know for a fact that this is a lie, since I am signed into eBay as I attempt this maneuver. Much cursing the internet follows and I decide to do it the hard, honest way.

5pm: I go to dinner. Still no bidding. I am picturing me walking around campus and people going "Man, what an awesome shirt."

5:25pm: I rush back to my computer to place a bid since I will be in the studio for an undetermined time. I put my maximum bid at $30. I am the first bidder.

7pm: I return from the studio to find that I am still the only bidder. I can see the shirt fitting tightly over my huge muscular arms while I am hanging out with Dusty Hill.

8:16pm: I return from playing basketball to see that I am still the only bidder. only 50 minutes remain in the auction.

9pm: I sit glued to my computer screen, refreshing every 10 seconds. I have not been this nervous since last night when I did the same thing with a Van Halen t-shirt (see yesterday's entry)

9:05pm: I am now the proud owner of a vintage ZZ Top "El Loco" t-shirt. Much rejoicing. I only had to pay $20. I start singing show tunes cleverly changing the lyrics to reflect my newfound love of eBay. I pay the guy. The shirt is mine. The shirt is MINE.

Tomorrow the cycle repeats with the bowling shirt. Let's keep this winning streak alive, baby!


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