Wednesday, October 01, 2003

IBL, Chris Staples, Map, Starflyer 59 - 9/28/03

Ok, first off, IBL is my new favorite band. At least my favorite Nashville band. Second show I've seen them, they freaking rocked. I was disapointed they didn't play "From Arkansas, with Love," by far my favorite song, but still a rockin' show. I particurally liked "Fat Boys are Not Athletes," which Aaron introduced as "This is not an anti-obesity song." I don't think they'll ever be able to hit the harmony on "A Lot to Say" live, but still a great song. Next up was Chris Staples...nothing special, honestly. Map came on next, and despite what everyone else in my group said, I thought they were awesome. So the girl was just for looks. So the guy was a uninteresing frontman. They reminded me a lot of a less-talented Built To Spill...just like Doug Marstch wants to play blues, so did this guy. You could tell he spent hours practicing pentationic scales in his room, worshiping SRV. He was a great guitarist, better than most indie guys. Anyways, the headliner was Starflyer 59, who I'd only heard some about, didn't know what to expect. He came out and played an acoustic set with the guy from Map accompaning him on electric guitar, providing some nice melodic phrases and fills. Nothing stood out at all, unfortunatly, and as my girlfriend Madeleine said, "It all sounds the same." I think that about sums up that set.

Next show - Broken Social Scene, Oct. 3, 12th and Porter. Be there.

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