Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sigur Ros, Ryman Auditorium, 2/14/06

So that was amazing. They started out with the whole shadows on the curtain thing, which I saw a video of prior to the concert, so I waited in eager anticipation for that to happen. We happened to have seats in the very back row of the balcony, but the view wasn't bad at all. It was ameliorated by seeing that Ben Folds had to sit in the balcony section too, stupid fedora and all. They played a lot more from ( ) than I thought they would, but I'm not complaining. The first song was Glosoli, which was awesome, but I just wish that they'd played it live with the video, because that would have given me chills. They played Olsen Olsen, which is my favorite song, so I was the guy who was cheering as soon as they triggered the sample of Jonsi singing the melody. That song is so beautiful, I'm surprised it didn't get more of a response. Who knows. Anyways, it was a great concert, and a great Valentine's Day.


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