Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I just don't understand...

This whole Teri Schiavo case. But before I get too deep into that, I guess I should explain my position on the subject of prolonging life longer than should be. I feel that if a person is in a state that only machines are keeping them alive, then they have essentially lost their humanity. They are no longer a functioning entity. I know it's bad to boil a person down to that, but it's not life. It's unnatural...the fact that they would be dead without machines should tell people that they are not really alive anymore. I know that you can say that medicines do the same thing, and you'd be partly correct. They keep you alive, but it's within your own power. Your body, on it's own, is alive.

So basically, I agree with the courts decision to remove the feeding tube. I know her parents are heartbroken, etc...etc...and all the idiotic conservatives are up in arms and Jeb Bush is trying to step in and "save the day" (man, he's slowly catching his brother as the worst Bush). It just pisses me off to see them claim this woman can feel and is alive. Honor her wishes. Let her die.

Boy, that was a depressing post, I'm sorry.


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