Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Reflections on Texas...

Most Surreal Moment: Sitting in Goerke's Diner, surrounded by construction workers, and Abba's "Dancing Queen" is playing in the background

Funniest Story: Sara's sister telling about the pregnant stripper who didn't know she was pregnant.

Best Wedding Moment: Playing the opening 3 chords of "Sweet Home Alabama" at the request of the groom's family...because that's the only part of the song we knew.

Best Taco Experience: Sitting in Bill Miller's, reading the Current, drinking 5 cups of coffee, eating 2 sausage and egg tacos, and eavesdropping on the 10 Mormon's behind me.

Time I thought I was going to die the most: Thursday Night, around 10:30pm. Sara and Kristen know what I mean.

Most Metal Moment: The page long tribute to Dimebag Darrell in the SA Current.

Best Coffee: Denny's...probably around 10 refills.

Worst Coffee: Jim's, 12am. Enough said.

Oh confuse me. I like the people, can't stand the place.

MOST REDNECK MOMENT EVER: So I'm at Kroger, standing in the checkout line, and I look towards that machine that'll convert your change into dollar bills. I had to look twice, but I swear, there was this guy with the most amazing mullet I've ever seen, emptying two bottles of change into the machine. But as this was no ordinary mullet, these were no ordinary bottles. Two huge Crown Royal bottles, filled with pennies. Trust me, if you had been there, you would have died of laughter, which I almost did. Ah...Columbia.


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