Thursday, June 24, 2004

What I hate about my job...

no, it's not the things like the early hours, or the bad coffee.

It's things like how I have 5 feet between my desk and the one behind me, but my fat boss manages to run into the back of my chair everytime...or how parents wonder why their kids can't spell when they are spelling their names phonetically like a retard...come on, you name him D'Schuwan and you wonder why he fails...idiots...I saw 5, count them, 5 different spellings for "Michelle".

Also, God have mercy on my soul, but I utterly despise Christian school names...after having to audit the entire American Association of Christian Schools, I am growing tired of all these "Heritage Christians"...look, if you've been a school for 2 years with 10 students you don't have a heritage. There were other offenders, but I have banished them from my mind.

And I haven't forgotten about the glorious "Worst things in music"'s a sneak peak...BARBARA STRIESAND.

Also, if anyone wants a cd copy of my greatest songs ever, I will gladly provide them with one.


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