Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Wow, I'm going home in less than a week. It will be the first time I've been back this entire time so it will no doubt be weird. I still consider Texas my home even though I swore to myself it wasn't.
Things I'm looking fowards to: Breakfast tacos, my dog, Fanta Apple, Mexicans, my room not smelling like beef jerkey or something else unexplainable, a real bathroom, Montanio Drive, my friends, driving a car that's not a Mercedes...ok, I'm not looking fowards to that, crappy TV channels, REAL FOOD, the heat, cigars, inside jokes that I haven't used in 3 months, speeches on why I'm so irresponsible with money, my mom doing everything I say,

Things I'll Miss: fast porn, j/k. The comraderie of the third floor, Miss Tonya, the back shower, ESPN, Comedy Central, Family Guy DVD's, obscure music references.

Is it ok to be deathly afraid of flying? Because I am. And I can just see them going "I'm sorry sir, you don't have the right stuff, you can't board." and I'll be stuck her for thanksgiving, eating at a chinese restaurant with "It's A Wonderful Life" on a low rumble behind my head. I swear, I almost pee myself whenever the plane hits turbulence. Too bad I'm not old enough to drink or I would be downing whiskey like crazy in a feeble effort to calm my nerves. Maybe I'll sit next to a fat person and they can cushion me when the planes finally crashes in a field south of Little Rock. Ok, I'll stop.

I want to go see Hey Mercedes this Sunday, I got to find people to go with me...go vangrant cheapo emo! Any takers?

Hey, everyone who gets to go home before Tuesday...I hope it's so boring until I get there.

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