Sunday, November 09, 2003

Wow, it's been a long time since I've written anything significant. First off...The Death Cab For Cutie Show. As one of the bands that has shaped my musical outlook these past years, it was an experience of great importance to me. They are my favorite band, bar none, and it was almost a surreal experience to see them on stage. I dunno if this is how cult worship starts, but I think it's along the same vein. They touched on just about every stage of their career, from We Have the Facts....To Transatlanticism. They played "Photobooth" which I had entirely forgotten about and launched me into an obsession with The Forbidden Love EP. Their set was 2 hours long, quite taxing on the legs. Madeleine had to sit down for a bit, her legs being tired from meetings all day. All in all, it was an amazing show. Was it the best I've ever been to? No, that's still reserved for Los Lobos, but it was up there.

Along the Ben Gibbard line...There are some songs that stripped of their gloss, are beautiful. I found this cover of "girls just want to have fun" by Gibbard that was just him and his guitar. Now it might be ironic that he's singing this, but the simplicity makes the song become something more than a Cindi Lauper vehicle. If anyone wants to have this song let me know, I'll be happy to send it to you.

Wheat was pretty good last night. Reminded me a lot of Guster for some reason. Imaginary Baseball League rocked, as always.

Mercury Program, Maserati, Appleseed Cast...awesome. You can knock post-rock instrumental all you want, I still love it. God, to be in a band like that.

Anyways, peace.

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