Saturday, August 09, 2003

Why Texas Deomcrats are Wrong.

I identify myself as a moderate Republican when it comes to political matters. Moderate towards the liberal side mainly because of gun control, censorship laws, and health care, but in many social and economic issues I side with the Republicans. This little disertation might sound slanted towards the Republicans, and in fact it is. But if it were the Republicans that were skirting their duties, I would bash them just as hard. This is wrong no matter how you go about it...

As anyone in Texas that is politically aware knows, 11 Democratic Senators are holed in up New Mexico in order to prevent the Texas Legislature from voting on redistricting. Their main rallying cry is that redistricting is a once every ten year process, and normally they would have a leg to stand on. But the last redistricting was not done by Texas Legistators, but Federal judges who came in in 2001 after the Texans could not come to a consensus. Wow, so in reality, redistricting by honest of God Texans hasn't occured yet. You'd think they would be all for it, since it is a time honored practice.
The reason the Democrats are so enraged about this is because for the first time in forever that Republicans are in power. They are behaving like the spoiled child who doesn't get his way and proceeds to wreck the party for everyone instead of doing what is right.
"They are fighting for a Texas that I want to be a part of — a Texas that recognizes voting rights, minority rights and above all democracy," said Nicole Van de Putte, daughter of Leticia Van de Putte, a senator that fled to New Mexico. Let's see rights...Texans voted in a Republican legislature, and now they have the ability to dictate proceedings just like Democrats have done for years. Minority Rights...they are not preventing Democrats from doing anything, they are free to vote against it, and yes they will lose, because they are the minority party and in turn they are not going to get everything they want. Democracy...this is not democracy. Democracy means the will of the people, and Republican agenda was clearly the will of the people when they last voted, and it shall be until the vote again. To run away is not democratic.
Let's address the redistricting concept: Redistricting is nothing new, it has occured in American Government for a long time, at least since the modern two-party concept. Now, I am no expert on Texas history, but I'm willing to bet that Democratic legisaltures in the past used redistricting to handcuff Republican gains in congress. No one has brought up that anytime in the past Republicans ran away from their elected duties. This display by the eleven senators is disgraceful to American Politics, and I can only hope that Texans will show their disgust in this unprofessional behavior next time at the polls.

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