Friday, August 29, 2003

Well I went to the Mae, Holland, and Celebrity concert at The End this Wed. so I'll give it a nice review here. Holland started out the show, somehow they're hometown boys even though the Tooth and Nail bio says they are from Texas. Hmmm. They were pretty good, they had the distinction of having the fattest drummer ever, the guy had to be like 320lbs. Awesome. They even played a country-tinged song (if that's possible) for us Nashvillians (see how I've quickly adotped this place?) that was great. For their last piece the lead singer played the keyboards and played a cool song that reminded me of early Homesick For Space. Next we had Celebrity, also hometown boys. Stright up emo, sans the screaming, which I did miss. The bassist looked exactly like Rob Schnider, it was so freaky. Nothing outstanding, but you could tell the die hard fans in the crowd singing along. Another thing, the sound was horrible in terms of vocal level, you could barely hear Celebrity's singer. Finally Mae took the stage, and rocked out. Every band has it's quirk and Maes was the bassist that never moved, kinda a John Enstwile type of guy. Both guitarists were going crazy, yet he never moved. Stared straight ahead. Whoa. My favorite song was "summertime." You could hear his vocals so it made it much better. Anyways, it was a good first-Nashville concert, can't wait for Cursive on Oct 2nd!

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