Sunday, January 14, 2007

So the semester begins...

...and I still haven't done enough work on my thesis. I've sent out e-mails, I'm just waiting for the inevitable lack of responses. I have the material I'm working on, so I mean, that's a plus.

Speaking of that, it's giving me more trouble than I would have wanted. Obviously, I'm a novice at mastering, and this is really only my fourth album, working on equipment that is not in the ideal set up for mastering. Sooo, I really shouldn't be down on myself for not quite excelling with this one, but it is a bit disheartning when I've done so well before. Really, I think I just need to work on understanding the nuances of Peak a bit more. This whole "no click" thing has gotten me a bit confused, and though I think I've figured it out, there has to be a better way to control a crossfade, or at least make it sound more transparent, as this sort of thing is done all the time on loops. Hmmm. Anyways, I'm meeting with Michael in the morning to discuss a few things, I'm pissed that it's taken so long, mostly because this delays the CD release, but they do need to fix those distortions, and that is something that is not my fault. hokay.

BTW, here's a new recording that could turn into something of a collaboration between the Disco Arts and Crafts Collective and Lanzanator.


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