Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Internship, Day 2...

So, after settling in as cleaning boy/message taker, I'm hoping I get some more observation in at the studio. But today, Carolyn DAWN Johnson (as she always introduced herself as), was in, listening to her album w/ Andrew, and her "too old to try to act cool, but still dresses like he wants to be 20" manager was there too. But what I gathered from that thing was this: I don't give a crap about Carolyn Dawn Johnson. I'm sure people would go apeshit over the fact that I got to be in the same space as her for 8 hours, but really, I could have cared less who she was, and I'm not just saying that because it's the nashville cool thing to say. She was nice and all, but she was just a person to me. Now, contrast that with my feelings when Brent said that they might be doing some Death Cab For Cutie tracks. I immediately pictured Ben Gibbard chilling in the lounge, and I got all excited, like a fan of CDJ would have today. So basically, I'm still a fan at heart, especially of bands that changed my musical direction, and as much as I try to minimize that when I do work, it's hard to stay aloof when there is music you get truly excited about.


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