Monday, May 29, 2006


This week, I will attempt to spend no more than $25. This does not factor in how much gas I go through, as it's already in my tank. So, I will keep a running tally of how much I have spent, starting today, May 29th, and going through to June 3rd. I think Friday and Saturday will be the deal breaker, but if I can keep it within $10 during the week...I can splurge a bit on the weekend. Whoo!


Monday, May 29th: $0
Tuesday, May 30th: $12...I didn't factor in getting sick. The unforseen cost of medicine may do me in.
Wednesday, May 31st: $0
Thursday, June 1st: $0
Friday, June 2nd: $6
...bought some catfish bait and nightcrawlers for fishing tomorrow.
Saturday, June 3rd: $1...Pringles chips.

GRAND TOTAL: $19....sweet.


Shandus said...

I've managed to go the last two weeks without spending anything at all. I can't believe it. Good luck with your experiment. Three cheers for frugality!

Garrett said...

They're not chips. They're "crisps."

Hi Eric.

Swiss said...

For all we know, you spent $50 the day before to last you the week... give us the whole story, Eric.

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