Saturday, March 25, 2006

I love you to the max.

So, since it seems that Kory is banging the entire 20 and under female population of Prestonburg, KY this month, I keep meeting these girls (who are always blond) under the same circumstances, which is me, sitting on the couch, watching something like 'Real World" or "Sportscenter." This weekend, I've seen this one girl probably 4 times, and three of them have found me in the same situation. Which makes me think that this girl probably thinks I am the biggest loser in the world who just sits and watches TV all day.

But this is not the case, I swear.

All these incidents have occured when I've come back from class, or been up in my room doing work, etc. I'm really not that lazy, Prestonburg women, really. And maybe I just so happened to be watching the Real World. Who doesn't? The fourth time this newest girl came in, I made sure that she saw me washing the dishes as she left, to prove that I'm not a one-dimensional person. I'm a real boy!



tina said...

haha, you bum.

Shandus said...

No wonder you were able to imitate a man watching tv so well.