Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bottle # 4 - Evan Williams Single Barrel (1998)

Evan Williams Single Barrel was one of the whiskeys that we tasted at Heaven Hill (along with Elijah Craig 18), and honestly, I don't remember too much about it, apart from thinking it was a decent bourbon. Not really sure what vintage it was either.

However, when I saw a 1998 bottling at my local store, sitting alone on the top shelf, I took a chance on it. The packaging (which they've sadly done away with) was impressive, and it was the holy grail of bourbon, the single barrel, for under $30.

Really, this is probably one of the best bargains out there, and I need to pick up the 2000 bottling, as it's supposed to be superb.

But, the 1998. Let's taste this sucker. It's 86 proof, and has a dark amber color.

For the nose, I'm picking up maple syrup and citrus notes.

Tasting it, the spice hits first. This is thick, and it stays with you, coating the mouth. It has a long, dry finish. This bourbon is, so far, one of my favorites. This is a stay-at-home-on-a-winter's-night-and-watch-an-Eastwood-western type of bourbon. Or sit at home and watch 30 Rock, which is currently my situation. Maybe I'll throw on High Plains Drifter. Or the Outlaw Josey Wales. Too many choices.