Wednesday, January 06, 2010

What's going on

So, I re-templated the blog. I was tired of the black, and since I'm almost 25, I figured I should grow up and stop being so angsty.

Also, I'm examining the purpose of this blog, which has skewed towards writing about music and other assorted rantings. From today onwards, I'm refocusing the scope of this to include a new obsession of mine: Whiskey. Or Whisky, depending on whatever you find suits your prejudices.

I have been slowly getting acquainted with the fine art of drinking whiskey, which began slightly before last summer, but was expedited by trips to the Jack Daniels and George Dickel distilleries in TN, as well as trips to Jim Beam & Heaven Hill in Kentucky.

I'll update this blog every so often with my opinions and tastings of certain bottles I've picked up. Being at my income level, don't expect to see any Buffalo Trace Antique Collection reviews, or any amazing old finds (for that, please go to The Bourbon Dork or Chuck Cowdery's Blog, which are sort of my inspiration for going in this direction). This will be a learning experience for me, as I my knowledge of whiskey is still in its infancy. So, if you come across this, don't slam me for my ignorance, kindly point me in the right direction instead.

Tonight, I'm going to put up a review of my favorite Tennessee whisky, George Dickel No. 12. Basic, nothing fancy, just a good Lincoln Co. Process whiskey.


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