Monday, August 28, 2006

Where has my life gone?

Why the hell am I senior? It seemed like it took forever to be a senior in HS, and now I'm less than a year away from being done with my higher education. And basically, I feel like I am in no way ready to be a contributing member of society, let alone leave the comforting confines of academia, where I have no real responsibilities and too much free time. I'm sure this thought scares all people who approach graduation, and hopefully I'll be less worried/freaked out about this prospect as the year goes on and all sorts of things fall into place. I mean, shit, it was just yesterday I was drinking beer with Mitch on our cardboard couch in Pembroke, and now I'm wondering how I'll survive once I get a diploma.

Why did I think being an engineer was a good idea again? Someone, refresh my memory.



Broo said...

They make a descent living?

Anonymous said...

Where has your life gone still? You still haven't updated this thing. How am I suppose to cyber stalk you? hmmm?