Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hooray for CBS

The TV I have at home gets exactly one channel clearly, and that is CBS. So that means that I ingest a good quanity of CSI and its ilk. As I watched my doubleheader of CSI tonight, I noticed something that really started to piss me off: NO ONE EVER TURNS ON THE LIGHTS.

Am I to believe that these people live their entire lives in the dark? Like, when they go into a house, no matter what time it is, or if it's broad daylight outside, they use flashlights to look at things. Does no one realize that they can turn on LIGHTS? Electric? Florescent? Why? Why do they use flashlights? Just because someone just died doesn't mean the electric service died with them!!

And at work? ALWAYS DARK. I guess it's supposed to add to the show's mystique. But all it does is annoy me. Eff you, CSI.


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Lauren said...

I'm pretty obsessed with CSI (meaning I watch it waaaay too much), and I've noticed that too... After thinking about it, I decided that the reason that they never turn on the lights at crime scenes is because that way they can shine their lights on one area at a time and it makes it easier for them to see smaller things. Like the light is more concentrated on one area. That's my theory. :)