Tuesday, November 22, 2005

If anything in this world is timeline worthy...

Then what happened this afternoon would be it. Thank you Kyle, and your drivers licence.

So I'm at work again, I have a few books to read so hopefully I won't get as terribly bored. The kid today, I can't tell if he's actaully competent or just wanted to sound impressive, but he asked for "cans" today when checking stuff out. Now, for those who don't know, "cans" is studio slang for headphones, except no one ever says that unless they want to show that they know what's going on. With all the engineers I''ve worked with that were competent, no one actually says that when they talk about headphones. It's douche-jargon. There is some slang that is acceptable, but that's basically just abreviations of stuff like, "DI" or "2 inch" or "pancake" etc..."cans" is pushing it.

EDIT: I had a chance to be a hardass tonight, b/c the guy tried to guitar on the session. While this is one of the rules I find most annoying about Belmont's policies, I got a kick out of enforcing it. Ha! Ninja kick!

Also, I had M83 blarring when the assistant came in today. I think he might have been weirded out by the dramatic spoken word part.


P.S. I was looking through amazon.com for some ideas on what to read next, and I keep coming across used books for $0.01. I'm tempted to buy these things, yet I don't quite believe that they're only a cent. I bet I'd get screwed on the shipping costs.

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ben said...

I don't even want to know who threw "cans" around, but they should have their genitals forcibly removed. Insofar as I understand it, "DI" is totally understandable. "Cans" deserves the studio equivalent of a high-school girl's bathroom swirly.