Thursday, November 11, 2004

..Oh Man, Oh Man...

So there's this "Dance Party" in the basement of Heron Hall on Saturday night. I asked Kibbe if I could be a guest DJ and of course she said yes. There's nothing better than subjecting people to your bad music, and thus I will be Saturday night. Here's the track listing, heavy on the remixes:

  1. Doing the Stand Still - The Dismemberment Plan
  2. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) - The Arcade Fire
  3. Y Control (Faint Remix) - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  4. Wonderful People - Q & Not U
  5. I Need Your Love (Ewan's Stay in School Remix) - The Rapture
  6. Breathe In - Frou Frou
  7. Take Me Out(Morgan Geist Remix) - Franz Ferdinand
  8. Deceptacon - Le Tigre
  9. Me and Guiliani Down by the School Yard - !!!
  10. Glass Danse - The Faint
  11. Such Great Heights (Remix) - The Postal Service
  12. The City - The Dismemberment Plan
  13. Still In Love Song (Extended 12" Remix) - The Stills
  14. Everything is Everything - Phoenix
  15. Hardcore Days and Softcore Nights - Aqueduct
  16. Jenny Was A Friend of Mine - The Killers
  17. One With the Freaks - The Notwist
  18. Crumble - The Russian Futurists
  19. Evil - Interpol

And there you have dance mix.


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